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Monday, April 16, 2012

Graffiti - No Problem!

Spray Paint Graffiti - Before

By having a strict policy of removing graffiti within 24-hours of the occurrence and preferably before the end of the workday, you can help nip tagging in the bud. However, we can help while vandals are in the process of tagging. The recycled plastic signs or high density polyethylene signs we create have a water absorption rate of less than 1 percent which means spray paint, markers, and even engravers will find it hard to make their mark—and have it stick.
“They marked the pillars of the shelter and tried to write words on the signs. There were permanent marker marks on the sign but they wiped right off with soapy water and a rag,” says Doug Foley, director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Manchester. It took only 15 minutes to clean up the graffiti versus 8 hours of time if it had been a metal or wood sign, which most likely would have needed to be sanded and repainted.
Up Close - Graffiti Removed
“We have had one or two instances of graffiti spray paint and marker,” says Steve Mott, superintendent, Town of Mount Pleasant Parks and Recreation. “We removed it with graffiti remover and the signs were fine.”
“The recycled plastic material is inert and responds to several graffiti removers,” says Taylor Bressler, parks planning and project manager, Spokane Parks and Recreation. “If it gets gouged or burned you can easily sand it out.”
“We have yet to replace one sign due to vandalism in the last ten years,” says Todd Younkin, deputy director, Preservation Parks of Delaware County. “The endurance and durability of the plastic signs acts as a deterrent.”
We have recommended and used a number of different Graffiti Removers in the past and wanted to list a few resources for you to check out. 
- Remover Magic by Certol
In our experiences, we have been really happy with Remover Magic by Certol and have some samples in case you are curious. 


  1. Hey, you have wonderfully explained the useful information about graffiti. At public places, like parks, malls, etc. the plastic sign has a major role to play. Because made up of good plastic material, the plastic signs remains safe in winds, rain water, etc. They can br easily placed anywhere safely.

    1. Thanks for your comment Michael. It's just one thing less you have to worry about. So much time on annual basis can be consumed by the maintenance side of a product like a signs that it's nice to have your maintenace crew work on the things that really matter.